Traction Alopecia Hair Loss

Traction Alopecia Hair Loss

Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by the hair being pulled in the same way for a long time over and over.
Traction alopecia can happen to anyone, at any age, who wears their hair pulled back tightly, whether in braids, dreadlocks, or a ponytail. It can also occur when tight headwear is used in the same way daily.
Repeated strain on the hair follicles can pull out strands of hair and even cause damage the follicles. This causes redness, itching, and even pus-producing bumps or infections.
Signs of traction alopecia include: 👉🏾a receding hairline typically around the forehead, temples, or nape 👉🏾small redish pimples appear on the scalp or at the base of braids 👉🏾redness, itching, and ulcers on the scalp 👉🏾the hair parting widens 👉🏾 bald spots, patches of thin or broken hair in places where the hair has been under strain 👉🏾patches of shiny, scarred skin in more advanced cases.

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