Easy Pay Subscriptions

A Mother's Luv offers a convenient way for you to pay for your Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator. With our new Easy Pay Subscriptions you will receive a shipment automatically every 2 months. For U.S. customers you will be able to still take advantage of our Free Shipping promo when available. Sign up for Easy Pay and we will automatically charge your credit card for the first month.




 Easy Pay Terms

By purchasing this subscription you agree to following terms & conditions:

I authorize A Mother's Luv to pay my monthly subscription by charging my credit card. I understand I will not receive a renewal notices from A Mother's Luv. I authorize A Mother's Luv to continue my subscription unless I notify A Mother's Luv to cancel it after the current completed payment. I understand, I am charged half the price of the 8 oz bottle of Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator order each month, I know my order isn't shipped until the full payment is received.

I understand my credit card will be charged on a reoccurring monthly basis for the duration of my subscription unless I notify A Mother's Luv to cancel it after the current completed payment order is shipped. I understand I must subscribe for at least one year to receive this special rate.

I understand, this offer cannot be used in combination with any other special discounts. I understand this offer isn't for international customers.


(This is a new process for us. So please be patient with us as we sort out the kinks. Thank you bunches.)