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1) Question: Will Trina’s Natural Scalp Stimulator work for my form of hair loss?

Answer: We’ve seen God do some Amazing things first hand with our product. Our daughter Trina was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Through the Grace of God, we’ve been able to see the victories not only with our daughter but with other people that stepped out on Faith with various forms of Alopecia, other forms of hair loss including male pattern baldness, as well as people that had no clue what was causing their hair loss. We continue to thank God for the Victories! Faith, Patience, and Consistency are Key! 

  2) Question: What is the Time Frame before I begin to see results?

Answer: Through the Grace of God our product has been a blessing to so many. When she started using it we had no clue of a time frame when to see results. We just had Faith! God works in HIS time, not ours. Trina began seeing peach fuzz at approximately 6-8 weeks and it's been growing ever since. We have some customers that have seen results sooner and some later. Each situation is different. Be consistent in your daily use as you apply it and massage it in 2-3 times daily. With God Faith, Patience, and Consistency are Key! We suggest you take weekly progress pictures so that you may see even the smallest changes as they begin to happen. Amen

  3) Question: How do you use Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator on all hair types? 

Answer: On the back of your bottle(s) of Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator you will find the following directions of use: Trina’s Natural Scalp Stimulator is to be used on your HEAD HAIR AND SCALP only!!! Shake the bottle well before each use. When applying to the scalp area use the surface area of your fingertips. Massage the oil into your scalp for at least 2 minutes. Trina’s Natural Scalp Stimulator can be used daily up to 3 times a day. No need to apply a lot of oil. A little bit goes a long way. We prefer the scalp be closer to clean and dry than soaking wet before use. It is fine to apply to your hair when it’s wet. If you already have oily hair, apply the oil at night and shampoo your hair as normal in the morning or you may apply a smaller amount to just the scalp during the day. 

  4) Question: During the day after I apply it why is it rolling down my neck and forehead?

Answer: Rolling oil is a sign of the following: too much oil was applied, when being applied to the scalp it was not massaged in completely, or it was applied to a wet scalp. To keep this from happening, make sure when you apply it daily that your scalp is closer to dry than wet, massage it in thoroughly for at least 2 minutes each time and don’t use more oil at a time than you need. If you sweat a lot in your scalp that as well can be a cause of it rolling. You may want to apply it daily during times that your scalp isn’t sweating as much.

  5) Question: Is there special shampoo, conditioner or styling products I should use?

Answer: If we could recommend other products it would be other all natural hair products. We feel they are healthier for your hair and scalp and cause less product build up on the scalp when used correctly.

  6) Question:  Is your product safe for color treated or relaxed hair? 

Answer: Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator can be used for all hair types whether you are relaxed, natural, permed and/or color treated (ALL ethnicity groups included).  

  7) Question: Do I have to be experiencing hair loss to use Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator?

Answer: You don't have to be experiencing any kind of hair loss such as alopecia to use Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator. Our product aids in better scalp and hair health. Once your scalp becomes healthy, hair growth and length retention is sure to follow.

  8) Question: May I use your product on a baby or infant?

Answer: We do not recommend you use our product on any child under the age of 5. We want to make sure that there are no allergies or ingredient sensitivities. Before using it on a child or adult above the age of 5, we recommend you take a small amount and apply it to the back of a clean hand to make sure of no reaction before applying it to the scalp. Watch the area for 24-48 hours for reaction. Do not proceed to with use if any reaction occurs. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  

 9) Question: What to do if I have allergies and I want to make sure I'm not allergic to your product?

Answer: Contact us IMMEDIATELY before placing your order at StaceyBland@AMothersLuv.com to ask. Feel free to rub a small amount on the back of your clean hand or inner forearm to test it before applying it on your clean scalp for safety. Even though Trina's Natural Scalp Stimulator is made with 100% all-natural ingredients, results do vary. You should be safe no matter what products you use.

 10) Question: Why is my scalp flaking while using Trina’s Natural Scalp Stimulator?

Answer: Trina’s Natural Scalp Stimulator aides in removing scalp buildup. One of the steps involved with scalp health. The flaking is that buildup being removed from your scalp. Once the scalp buildup is gone the flaking will be gone.


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